Washington State 2020 Democratic National Delegate Registration

Due to the current State of Emergency in Washington State, the Washington State Democratic Executive Committee has modified the delegate selection process for 2020. If you are interested in the changes please visit www.waelectioncenter.com. Importantly however, there will be no in-person component to the delegate selection process, and as a result, this registration will satisfy all of the necessary components for you to stand for election as a National Delegate.

Please note: Before completing this registration you must have submitted your Letter of Intent to stand for National Delegate to the State Party. Letters of Intent can be submitted until 5pm on May 11th, and are preferably submitted digitally to PartyAffairs@wa-democrats.org because of the difficulty in retrieving physical mail. You can find a Letter of Intent template here. If your letter was successfully submitted you should have received confirmation of receipt. If you have not received confirmation of receipt, please follow-up with PartyAffairs@wa-democrats.org immediately. Your application will need to be cross referenced with this Letter of Intent and will not be considered “complete” until that confirmation check has been completed. You will receive an email within 72 hours either confirming or denying your profile was accepted.

All Congressional District delegates will be elected by the duly elected Legislative District delegates from each Congressional District. On this site you can complete your demographic information and candidate statements for the Legislative District Delegates to view in advance of their voting window between May 29th and May 30th.

All candidate profiles must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm on Monday May 25th. Any profiles that are in process at 11:59 will not be accepted.

Instructions: To register please select your Congressional District from the dropdown below. If you don’t know your Congressional District you can look it up here. If you have already begun the registration process or ran for Legislative District Delegate, please login at the top of the page instead of selecting your Congressional District.